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POPOKILANI has another web site called, "Mofu Mofu Paradise"(Japanese Only). http://nekopunch-tv3.cocolog-nifty.com/mofumofu/ This site is mainly about the daily diary of cats of POPOKILANI. As we now are living with more than 15 cats, sometimes it is quite confusing to know who is who. To avoid this kind of mess, I created an index page of our cats. Some came from other cattery, some were born at our place... Some member moved to live with the new families. And 2 left us to cross the Rainbow Bridge, where leads the one to the real paradise to be remembered and to be loved forever. Any way, the cats who have decided to share the precious moments with us are all introduced in this Page. Please enjoy. ps: You can see their real life!  A life without the word "Show Grooming"!

01. Don Johan(nickname: Don,Dondalf the Silver)
02. Leon: (nickname: Leo,Leo-pon)
03. Micael (nickname: Keru, Keru-kich)
04. Emily (nick name:Emi, Emi-chan)
05. Angelina (nickname: Ann, Ann-ko, Ann-chan)
06. Alphonse (nickname: Al or Alpon)
07. Rachel (nickname:Rahe)
08. Jasmine (nickname:Jasu)
09. Sabrina (nick name:Sub)
10. Raphael (nickname:Rapha)
11. Gabriel (nickname:Gabu)
12. Luke (nickname:lue, Mr Green Eyes/Naming done by Tealc Vandenabeele)
13. Gloria (nickname:Goo)
14. Maximillian (nickname:Max)
15. Amrita (nickname: Ar-tan)
16. Wendy (nickname:Madam, Wen-ko)
17. Edward (nickname:Ed)
18. Scarlett (nickname: Sue)
19. Verdandi (Vell)
20. May (ex:Nancy)
21. Judith (nickname:Judy)
22. Thomas (nickname:Tomatoma)
23. Kikyo-maru (ex.Henry- nickname:Henhen)
24. Victor (nickname:Vicvic)
25. Cinthya (nickname:Cindy)
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