News 07/25/2010

Wendy delivered her 2nd baby on May 10th!
A very sweeeeet girl, having the same color of hers.

This girl has already named as Cyinthia!

Born in 03/2009

A cream classic tabby w/white girl, came from a really famous cattery.

Waring white socks, she is a on-going person.

Mother of Victor.

She is the very first cat waring white socks and gloves.
When she stands up her chest part looks like as she is waring a apron.

She really seems to be a cheerful type and , to me it looks like she has a sense of tuning the bad things to something fun.

She sometimes reminds me of the Victoria dynasty or good old 19 century's.

She is something like a girl dreaming to become a musical star.
So her white socks part also reminds me the "toe shoes".
May be someday she may start to dance with her feet...

Origin of the name:

Well she was just simply named after my English name.
Too easy going, but for me, I feel she is me.
Is she the avatar of me or am I the avatar of her?