Born in 05/14/2005

Don Johan was already a year old when we first met him.

At that time he was attending the TICA Cat Show’s Champion Class and was QGC.

My partner was looking for a big MC. He wanted a “Big MC” and for that may be was looking for a already grown one.

I think Don was already a “King Sized” MC to him. He asked the breeder to have Don and was easily accepted.

He moved to our place with his step brother Leon on May 2005.

I remember Leon always following after him and doing the same thing Don was doing.

Don loves my partner and it looks like his concern and attention are locked on to only my partner.
They both seems to be happy in their special world which I sometime feel a bit jealous.

About the origin of the name: (nickname: Don,Dondalf the Silver)

He was already named Don Johan so nothing to write about.
If I have chance someday, I will check with hiss breeder about this.