Scarlett delivered 7 babies on June 5th.
4 red boys, 1 brown and 2 black silver girls.
Already a week has passed and all are in a good condition.


Scarlett delivered her first litter on June 23rd 02:00.
Now she is the mother of 4 children.

Now being a mother of 2 boys and 2 girls, she is showing her sense as a great mother.
All the babies doesn't need to cry for milk and their berries are like a barrel!

It is amazing that this is her first time being a mother.
And really an adorable scene to see.

Scarlett was born in May 2009.
She joined our cattery in August with her litter brother Edward.

Her coat color is Brown Classic Torbie.
Has beautiful shaped eyes which look like aiming something always.
But she is really a sweet girl who like human also and very much.

With her end Edward joining the cattery, now our place is full of bright colors.

What reminds me from her color is "The Scarlet Letter".
Also a girl with red hair, a character of Japanese animation.

Long body, bushy tail and big eyes.
It looks like her body itself is expressing something.

Her grand mother seems to be a hyper type and she may carried her gene from her.

When ever she becomes sleepy she purrs and sticks to Wendy.
Her favorite seems to be grooming and she and Wendy are always trying to groom each other more and more which finally leads to a fight.
Looks like they are trying to show which is the "Grate Mom.

About Origin of the name

From young actress Scarlett Johansson

Other ideas are , Scarlett O'Hara (Gone with the Wind), and the "The Scarlet Letter".
But it seems the truth is, from the name of actress.