Daughter of Scarlett & Raphael.
Born in June 23rd, 20010. 

Judy is the smallest on in the litter.
But as others are quite bigger than the average, she is not so small.

Judy is a beautiful girl with good profile, strong muzzle and powerful eyes.
Maybe she is the very one who looks like her mother Scarlett.

In fact she is not so big at her age, she has guts!
She likes to fight with Dyson cleaner.
Where ever she is, once she hears the sound of the motor, she suddenly appears and starts punching the nozzle. Left hook, right straight and the chin!
She can may become a female boxer in the future!

She also loves to do wrestling with her brothers.
As Henry moved to the new place she only has Thomas to play with.
But may be it won't be any problem for her.
She still has Luke, Micael and other elder ex. boys to play with.

I do not know for by what reason, Wendy really loves to look after Judy.
May be Wendy is teaching how to become a Queen to succeed Wendy.

Any way Judy is really a hyper girl, but not unyielding type, she may become a real lady when she grow up.

We're not in a hurry to find a new family for her, so may be she will become mom at our cattery.