Born in Feb. 2010.

Came from Cattery Aman Group which exists in Shiga pref.

Very high energy girl and also wise.
Her coat is "Blue Smoke Tortoi"

One of her attractive point is th length of her tail.
She has a beautiful profile, and with her long tail, she some times looks more than a cat, some thing more mysterious.

Also her big eyes talks directory to my heart.

Has a strong muscle and always organizing her self to satisfy her curiosity.

She attended the TICA Cat Show held in Oct. 2010, kitten class.
Even she was not big, she won a Rosetta at SP class.

She may be not a popular color, but may be has the toughness to enjoy the show.

Specialty: She quite often talks with her own language, which I never hear from the others.

Origin of the name:

In Norse mythology, Verðandi (Old Norse, meaning possibly "happening" or "present"[1]), sometimes anglicized as Verdandi or Verthandi, is one of the norns. Along with Urðr (Old Norse "fate"[2]) and Skuld (possibly "debt" or "future"[3]), Verðandi makes up a trio of Norns that are described as deciding the fates (wyrd) of people. (From Wikipedia)