Born in 03/12/2008

The litter mate of Alphonse.
One of the 3 daughters of Leon and Angelina.

Brown Classic Tabby girl who also looks like her mother.

She is not a tomboy type but has enough energy to enjoy her own life.
Really a close friend to Rachel and the very one who sticks to her.
She looks like a quiet girl but the reality is that she has the character of "GIRL!".
She was the very one to say "No!" clearly to others when something she can not accept.

But she was really good in creating relationship with others and seemed happily living in our cattery.
Played lot, ate lot and slept well.

And also loved water tap and the bath.

She also had a good chance and move to K family with Rachel in 2009 Spring.
Now I hear she is also monopolizing the water tap at her new place.

She is now over 6kg!

About the origin of the name:

Named from the character of a beautiful Arabic Princess whom appears in our favorite movie "Secondhand Lions".
We often watch this DVD and were also deciding to use this name when we have a girl kitten and we did.