Born in 03/12/2008.

Sire Leon and Dam Angelina's 1st litter.

Black smoke girl. A bit like covered with ash
Editing her color to black she becomes totally different.
Smoke colored coat shows different faces by the light and is a mysterious color.

She has a really stable character and can be called "Big Sister".

Just judging by the pics, it may be difficult to see how she is, but she was the most beautiful and most wise girl in our cattery.

She looked like Angelina and she has the character of the boy.
Now(Aug,, 2010) she is more than 7kg (may be too much heavy even she has a good boning)

She left our cattery in 2009 Spring with her litter sister Jasmine to Aichi prefecture.
And she was the very first to settle down at her new home.

She is a kind live like a career woman and walk tall.

She seems to live really healthy and happy being loved and adored by the new family.
Her new mom's dream is to see her live more than 20 years.

Many thanks to K family.

About the origin of the name:

From Holland movie "Black Book" (Dutch: Zwartboek)
(Story:Nazi-occupied Netherlands during World War II, a Jewish singer infiltrates the regional Gestapo headquarters for the Dutch resistance.)
We were amazed of the strong side of this lady and decided to name our kitten after this character.

So pronouncing is by the Hebrew way not Engliish.