Micael without "H" is the only HHP and the only short haired cat in our cattery.
We met him at the supermarket near our house in June 2007.
Just only a month after we moved to the current place.
At that moment we only had Don Johan and Leon, so he easily became the 3rd member of POPOKILANI.

He looked as 3 months old so his new birth date was decided as March 1, 2007.
He seemed to be clever and friendly and attracted Don and Leon at the very first day.

Don and Leon taught many things to Micael how to behave and how to survive living with humans in one place.
So because of that they were and still are the “Master” to Micael.

Micael’s dream seemed to become a “Long Haired” cat but till now it hasn’t yet happened. May be he already gave up that dream but who knows?

After We became a quite big family, he turned out to be a nanny.
He did that role very well and for that he is really admired by the young ones.
I can never imagine a life without him.

About the origin of the name:

Micael was named after the famous movie “God Father”.
Also taken from the name of Archangel Michael.
And another different origin is form the famous comic “What’s Michael”.
When we were to register his name to TICA, we miss typed his name, so he is Micael without “h”.