The only son of Angelina.

Brought up with her litter sisters and became the very first generation having the cattery name "POPOKILANI"before their own.

From us, he looks like having the typical character of the “First born son”.

Very calm, very gentle, very sophisticated and... So many "very"s we need to put on in front of what we would like tell.

May be his character is like "Ashley", co-staring in the movie of “Gone with the wind”.

As because of having a gentle personality, all the girls in the cattery seems to like or love him very much.

Micael, the nanny, loves him very much and he was breath feeding kitten Alphonse even he is a male.
I think Micael is thinking Alphonse as his own pupil and the one give everything that micael can give.

Alphonse was our very first show cat and also was the reason to start the cattery.
We really enjoyed attending the TICA Cat Show with him.

It was a wonderful experience and time and now the good memories to remeber.

About the origin of the name:

From the famous artist, Alfons Maria Mucha. Spelling for Alphonse is from the French writings.

My partner likes his works very much and he was already deciding to use this name before the babies were born.