Born in Sep. 8th, 2008.

Born as a daughter of the 2nd litter of Emily & Leon.

"Mr. Green Eyes" Luke is her litter mate)

She was the one who often forgot to keep her toung inside her mouth.
Is a really a soppy girl.

She is the very on who understands very well about Luke and also very paicient one.

Carm and gentle, shetook care and was the mentor of Wendy, Edward and Scarlette, whom joined our cattery in 2010.

She did not become like her mother Emilly who is living like a stray cats in our house.
I also thank herfor this.

She wasn't the one who always says "I'm here!" when she was young but after she became 2 years old, it seems she suddenly noticed that sometimes "Loud Voice" cood be some kind of important tool.

She was not a playful cat and maybe because of that she is not a quick girl butmaking progress these days.

About the origin of the name:

From the movie "Gloria".
Gena Rowlands was doing the cool role and is one of our favorite movie.
We wanted her to be elegant forever.

Other origin is:
As we have 3 big names of archangels, Micael, Raphael and Gabriel, to cover them in glory.